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Ingersoll Planer Mill

Ingersoll Planer Mill

Planer Milling

Common uses for planer milling include any task where a workpiece must be squared and/or when a horizontal grinder or floor mill is deemed too expensive for a project or otherwise impractical in a given situation. The planer mill is very useful in establishing surfaces on weldments to prepare for machining work.

PGI has an Ingersoll Planer Mill Magnetic Table with 50” width x 216” length x 50” height.

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What is a steel planer mill?

Steel planer mills are machine tools with two methods of removing stock from workpieces. The planer head holds a single point tool in a fixed position and the workpiece moves beneath the tool removing stock. The milling head holds tooling such as endmills and inserted shell cutters for removing stock in typical milling practices. The planer mill is ideal for long straight cuts or in situations when cuts of varying angles are required. The milling head can remove a large amount of material quickly.

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