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A514 Steel Plate

ASTM A514 steel is a quenched and tempered alloy steel used in applications that require a particularly high yield strength.  A514 has a minimum yield strength of 100 ksi (690 MPa).

Grades B, S and E are by far the most common, however we have other grades available.  Each grade is limited to a range of thicknesses.  All grades have the similar mechanical properties, but vary in chemical makeup and thickness.

A514 steel can be cut with a variety of methods and can be machined using conventional equipment and carbide tools.  ASTM A514 steel has excellent weldability.

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Common Uses of A514 Steel Plate

A514 steel is commonly used in heavy equipment parts that require a higher strength at a reduced weight, such as crane booms, mining equipment, hauling equipment, and lifting equipment.

A514 steel is particularly well suited for wear resistant steel plates used for large tooling, digging, clearing, and scraping.  Examples include scraper bars for coal mining conveyors and conveyor flights; dirt, ground and rock scraper blades and bucket scrapers for large mining and farm implements, and for the many wear plates, screen plates, and wear bars that are required to take the abuse that large mining equipment and construction equipment demands.

Grades Q, S, and F are available.  Please inquire for pricing.

Precision Grinding supplies, cuts and grinds A514 plate, including a modified A514 Q to 8″ thick.

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A514 Physical Properties

A514 steel physical properties table Grade B Grade S Grade E
Steel Type Alloy Alloy Alloy
ASTM Designation A514 (B) A514 (S) A514 (E)
Common PGI Inventory up to 1.25″ up to 2.5″ up to 6.00″ inquire for thicker plate
Minimum Yield Stress (ksi) 100 100 90
Average Tensile Strength (ksi) 110-130 110-130 110-130
Elongation at Breakage 18% 18% 18%
Approximate Hardness (Rc) 26 26 26
Approximate Hardness (Rb) 98 98 98
Brinell Hardness 235-293 235-293 235-293
Machinability 0.72 0.72 0.72


A514 Chemical Properties


A514 steel chemical composition table Grade B Grade S Grade E
% Iron (Fe) 97 98 98
% Carbon (C) 0.12-0.21 0.11-0.21 0.12-0.21
% Manganese (Mn) .70-1.0 1.1-1.5 .12-.20
% Boron (B) 0.0025 0.003 0.003
% Silicon (Si) 0.20-.35 .15-.45 .20-.40
% Copper (Cu)
% Sulfur (S) .035 .02 .035

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