Blanchard grinding & Surface grinding

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Blanchard Grinding

At Precision Grinding, we Blanchard grind steel plates, metal parts, castings, weldments and steel fabrications at both of our facilities in Alabama. Our largest Blanchard grinder, can swing 129” corner to corner at 45″ tall, and our 415 horsepower 400 S Mattison Vertical Spindle Surface Grinder can cover plates 48” wide by over 200” long. See our full list of machines and their capacities.

Finish reflection on Blanchard Ground parts

Finish reflection on Blanchard Ground parts

Precision Grinding Capabilities

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Our operators are experienced in Blanchard grinding and surface grinding magnetic steel parts including:

  • parallels
    Blanchard Ground parts

    Blanchard Ground parts

  • base plates
  • die plates
  • bolster plates
  • mold plates
  • mounting plates
  • steel tables
  • fabrications
  • weldments
  • custom pieces

When you need precision ground steel bar or machine ready blanks, we’re the experts! We offer Blanchard grinding services with a standard request for ± .005 thickness and parallelism and close tolerance surface grinding services routinely reach ± .001 thickness and parallelism. Watch our Blanchard Grinding video, featuring our largest Blanchard Grinder.

  Watch our Mattison Grinding video, demonstrating our largest Mattison Surface Grinder in motion.

Did you know?

We routinely provide machine blade sharpening or shear blade sharpening to ±0.001″ manufactured specified tolerances. We decarb tool steel to + 0.015 to 0.030″ over thickness. For example, we routinely decarb 4140 steel bar. Please call us when you need regrinding services, including resurfacing and refurbishing worn parts.

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