Sole Plates

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Sole Plates – Motor Mounting Plates, Compressor Platforms, Pump Foundations, Grout Plate

A  sole plate is a base plate grouted into a concrete foundation in order to provide vibration support and leveling support for a machine, such as a pump or a compressor. Depending upon the design engineering, there are usually bolt holes or pre-installed anchor bolts required to secure the feet of the machine to the machined plate. Often times, leveling pads or steel footings or shims are required in order to adjust to a flat, level surface during installation.


Although mainly used for inside machine floor support applications, many base plates are used to support heavy equipment such as compressors, generators, motors, and pumps outdoors. As an example, machine base plates are installed underneath machines located at utility distribution sites as well as alongside industrial buildings.  These plates can be used for the following:

Gas Pipeline Compressor Pads

Pump Platforms and Pump Bases

Power Generator Foundations

Motor Bases

At Precision Grinding we cut, grind, and machine plate, such as ASTM A36, 1020, and HR Plate to customer specifications. Our specialty is to manufacture large, flat, parallel and square plate products, Blanchard or Precision Surface Ground, and machined to specifications. We are your “One-Stop Shop” for custom steel plate. Please, call us at 1-888-WE-GRIND with your next custom steel plate requirements.